The Metal Sculptures of Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson sculpted giants. His passion for huge sculptures made of metal brought his artistic career to great heights. If you’ve been to the Ironworld Discovery Center near Chisholm, Minnesota, you may come across the Ironman statue that stands 11 meters tall as a figure alone. The entire work is 25 meters into the sky (This is not the Ironman from Marvel Comics mind you, he’s a lot smaller.)


Ironman Sculpture

Many of Anderson’s sculptures  reflected on a type of realism that was  fairly popular for creating commissioned works of famous personalities. They did have a sort of mannerist style to them in the sense of facial structure and anatomical perspective. One of his famous clients was the well known Bishop Frederic Baraga, whom Anderson sculpted a shrine for. Entitled the “Snowshow Priest” in the late 1960’s as a religious monument. The statue eventually stood over ten meters tall and was made out of brass. Baraga was depicted holding a seven-foot cross in his right hand and an 8 meter long pair of snowshoes in his left hand.

Anderson’s many sculptural masterpieces still exist on display today as monuments to remember the lives and influences of his patrons. because of the high durability and lasting strength of his materials, aging did not destroy much of his hard effort. He died on December 5th 1993 in Chassel Michigan, however his legacy stands tall on the shoulders of his metal giants and the memory of his artistic talents.



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