Photographer Frank Kunert’s Artistic Dioramas of Perpetual Oddity

Frank Kunert takes photography and sculpture to a new scale, literally. His miniscule models can be described as puzzling and witty, as well as strikingly creative.




This German artist focuses on the fabrication of art as a visual paradox to his audience. Using a variety of industrial grade materials and paints, he sets to work for weeks on end, creating a three dimensional diorama for his pictures.




Kunert’s appreciation for the beauty in the strange stretches far beyond normal photography. He aligns his subjects with a little twist that makes it a deviance to normal reality. Art for him is in both the creation and the capture of beautiful oddities.




He carves, saws and creates a world with details that are almost flawless in comparison to reality, and yet his pieces speak of an inversion that tugs at logic itself. “Seeing is believing” may be a good catchphrase for his exhibits, as many of his newer works also focus on impossible and indefinite feats.


The Evolution of Paper in Sculpture Art

Through the last decade, we’ve noticed a crop of emerging personalities in the practice of sculpting with raw paper. Folding, cutting, glue-sticking and rolling- it’s very easy to understand the basics of creating sculptures out of art, however why do we marvel at several of the more recent paper sculptors and their uniquely unbelievable creations?




Origami is probably one of the best known forms of paper sculpture, followed by paper cut-outs, folding lanterns and silhouettes. In the past few months, we’ve observed artists from every corner of the globe use a combination of the time-tested basic techniques to make artworks that have an impact the first time around. Cutting and folding techniques have evolved,just like the piece of paper art you see above. A modern combination of craft techniques and design styles give way to a new breed of assemblage-art that the world has yet to appreciate in full. We believe 2012 is a year where new and upcoming artists will bedazzle the art world with exciting concepts that will be both bold and innovative.